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Training & Events


 CleverLINK Leadership Training and Events for Success!

Technology and training go hand in hand in today's business world, and one won't succeed without the other.

CleverLINK brings you the expertise gained in providing the highest quality training to many organisations including the Department of Defence, universities and tertiary institutions, TAFE Colleges, CPA Australia, Department of State & Regional Development, the Real Estate Institute of NSW and many others.

Our founder, Camtu Pham, is Australia's foremost practitioner and lecturer on implementing e-Business strategies. She is also a leading motivational speaker.

We provide training and seminars for executives and staff at all levels, from specially designed courses to professional conference presentations.

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e-Business success requires automated systems that all relevant staff and managers need to know how to use effectively.


Change is a fact of business life, but each advance requires new learning and understanding.

Marketing & Sales

Today's sales activities are increasingly associated with IT- based marketing systems or e-business. CleverLINK ensures your staff are equipped to get the most from these developments.

Social Media

Effective networking is vital to modern businesses. CleverLINK brings you and your people right up to date with the latest trends in social media marketing.

Motivation and Leadership

CleverLINK offers founder Camtu Pham plus a range of other compelling and powerful speakers to revitalise your team, refresh your business culture and challenge you with new goals and ideas.

Whatever your training or event needs, CleverLINK will provide it. Ask us for an obligation-free quote today!

Call us now on 1300 721 837 or contact us at

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