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The Clever Centre is everything you need!

The Clever Centre was founded in 2013 – it's CleverLINK's clever idea!

The Clever Centre

  • Helps you to crack today's technology riddles
  • Provides you with anything from business cards to websites to marketing and e-commerce solutions
  • Helps you to promote sales and links to vital business inputs and useful networks

When starting or growing a business, the best use of your time and skills is the key to profit and success. This is why we've established The Clever Centre. Based on our deep understanding of small business dynamics, it allows you to solve all your marketing and technology problems in one place, with an integrated result giving you economies from dealing with one expert provider with one contact, one bill.

It also connects you with the opportunities of the vast CleverLINK network of professional contacts.

The CleverLINK Guarantee of Best Value

While our one-stop service saves you valuable time, our Guarantee of Best Value means we promise to find the best value solution for every service we provide. We bargain on your behalf and use our frequent purchase and supplier network advantages to your benefit.

Your CleverLINK consultant will thoroughly understand your business and its needs and ensure you get the most cost-efficient and effective solutions. Guaranteed!

Not just services, but business expertise

CleverLINK can help your business punch above its weight, and that can be a major advantage. CleverLINK has a deep affinity with smaller business and a proven track record of success with start-ups. Our philosophy is 'do it right the first time'.

Many of your challenges will have been dealt with by our people before - we can draw on a comprehensive set of resources both within our company and in our global partner networks.

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Advertising, Publicity, PR

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